Welcome to Dirty Unicorn Customs, your go-to destination for top-tier vehicle body shop services that redefine automotive aesthetics. As a specialist car, truck, and motorcycle customisation garage, we bring a unique blend of craftsmanship and innovation to our vehicle body shop. Whether you’re seeking collision repair, paintwork perfection, or a complete transformation, our skilled artisans are dedicated to delivering unmatched quality and precision.

The artistry of
vehicle body work:

At Dirty Unicorn Customs, we consider vehicle body work more than just repairs – it’s an art form. Our team of highly skilled technicians, welders, and painters approach each project with the passion and creativity required to bring out the best in your vehicle. From minor dents and scratches to extensive body modifications, our vehicle body shop is equipped to handle a wide range of automotive needs.

Comprehensive Body
Shop Services:

Our vehicle body shop offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to address various aspects of your vehicle’s body and structure. Whether you’re looking for accident repairs, custom body modifications, or a flawless paint job, Dirty Unicorn Customs has you covered.

Collision Repair: Accidents happen, and when they do, our experienced technicians are here to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. We handle everything from minor fender benders to major collision repairs, ensuring structural integrity, safety, and cosmetic perfection.

Dent and Scratch Repair: Those unsightly dents and scratches can detract from your vehicle’s appearance. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques to repair and restore damaged panels, returning your vehicle to a showroom-worthy condition.

Advanced paint matching
and finishing:

Achieving a flawless finish requires more than just technical skill – it demands an artistic eye. At Dirty Unicorn Customs, our vehicle body shop is equipped with advanced paint-matching technology to ensure that the new paint seamlessly blends with the existing finish. Our expert painters meticulously apply the paint, ensuring a smooth and even surface that enhances the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

and expertise:

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the precision and expertise we bring to every vehicle body shop project. Our technicians are not only skilled in traditional body repair techniques but are also well-versed in the latest advancements in automotive technology. We use state-of-the-art equipment and follow industry best practices to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Quality materials
and parts:

Quality is at the core of our vehicle body shop services. We source only the highest quality materials and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to ensure that every repair and modification meets or exceeds industry standards. This commitment to quality extends the lifespan of our work and ensures the long-term satisfaction of our clients.

Paint Jobs:

Elevate your vehicle’s appearance with a custom paint job that reflects your personality and style. Our vehicle body shop offers a wide range of paint options, including metallics, pearls, matte finishes, and more. Whether you want to match a specific colour or create a completely unique look, our skilled painters can turn your vision into reality.

The Dirty
Unicorn Experience

Choosing Dirty Unicorn Customs for your vehicle body shop needs means choosing an experience that goes beyond industry standards. We are not just technicians; we are artists and craftsmen dedicated to the pursuit of automotive excellence. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we take pride in delivering results that elevate your vehicle to new heights.

Ready to transform
your vehicle?

Embark on a journey of automotive transformation with Dirty Unicorn Customs. Contact us today to discuss your vehicle body shop needs, schedule a consultation, or get a quote. Whether you’re looking for precision repairs, custom modifications, or a show-stopping paint job, our vehicle body shop services are designed to exceed your expectations. Welcome to Dirty Unicorn Customs – where the art of vehicle customisation comes to life.


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