MICK (Gung-HO)

A wise man (Lewis) once said Mick has no ‘mechanical sympathy’. Which is the polite version for ‘good at breaking s*** and getting others to put back together’

Mick’s love for everything with a motor, and beer, accumulated in him being one half of the founding team of Dirty Unicorn.

He’d hate to admit it, but Mick’s natural habitat is sitting down and talking to people, finding the next crazy build idea.

LEWIS (The Leveller)

Being the other half of the founding team, Lewis’ role is first and foremost to bring dreams to reality. Making sure than things don’t just look great, but that its actually viable to build and sell.

Being a qualified mechanic and having worked in car customisation Lewis was perfectly placed to work with Mick bringing DU to life.

Cool Fact: The name ‘Dirty Unicorn’ came from Lewis’ daughter, who, when asked what she would call Lewis’ Harley named it ‘The Dirty Unicorn’. The rest is history… and we need her to sign a waiver at some point!

LUKE (Aggy luke)

Made famous by ‘that_white_truck’.

Luke is our other half of the workshop (some say 75%). With more enthusiasm for big trucks than life, there isn’t much Luke doesn’t know about your truck. Recently qualified welder soon to know even more.

Will mostly communicate all this knowledge in form of grunts and shrugs.

Rick (Paint Pro)

20 odd years working for main dealerships as a body shop tech / painter, Rick joined the team early on to give us full control of our painting in-house and brought with him a wealth of knowledge that’s helped us grow exponentially and offer a turnkey operation that includes paint, wrap, fab, welding, electrical, audio, trim etc…

Cool Fact: Rick has a girlfriend half his age. Knowing he isn’t rich and his personality leaves a lot to be desired, we can only assume his gut isn’t his biggest attribute.



Introducing Flames, formally known as Matt,

He is the newest addition to our tech team. Whilst most of what we know about him isn’t suitable for sharing on the internet, here’s a quirky nugget:

At just 17, he earned the name “Flames” by painting, you guessed it, flames onto Guy Martin’s Saab 96 ready to make a grand entrance to the Market Rasen Hunt Ball. (Fun fact: You can still catch a glimpse of his handiwork at the Grampian Transport Museum.)


Pete does the accounts.. Pete’s a nice guy. We ALL like Pete.

Dan (The Man)

Meet Dan the visionary force behind our marketing endeavours. As the yin to the founding team’s yang, Dan is on a mission to turn dreams into reality.

Dan has been in the world of marketing all his adult life (although arguably he’s still a child), This background positioned him perfectly to collaborate with Mick & Lew in bringing our brand, DU, to life.

Here’s a cool tidbit about Dan: He knows so little about cars he once put ad-blue in his radiator, needless to say his skills lie in other areas.


Meet Niki, the powerhouse behind our accounts and admin team. With a keen eye for numbers and a meticulous approach to organisation, she keeps our financial engine running smoothly. She’s also probably the loudest thing to have ever entered the garage (and we’ve done our fair share of loud interiors!)

Heading up the admin team, Niki is the guardian of efficiency. From streamlining processes to managing the nitty-gritty details, she’s the backbone that keeps our operations in top-notch shape. But when it comes to Niki you will always hear her before you see her!