10 Must-have Customisations For Your Truck

You know you want to create the beast of your dreams, but when you’ve got your sights set on going from zero to hero, it can be tricky to figure out where to start…

Lucky for you, #TeamDU has your back. Of course, your choices will depend on your own preferences and budget. But if you’re asking us, these are our must-have modifications for any custom truck.

#TeamDU’s top 10 truck customisations

1. Custom paint

Want to really stand out in the crowd? A custom paint job is how you take your pickup to a whole new level. Our inhouse team can really help make your truck pop, with our selection of custom paint colours we’ve tried and tested or we can go completely bespoke and try something totally new. Go on make a statement with a bold and striking colour.

2. Custom exhaust

Rev the engine and hear it roar. Combining a fresh exhaust with a new air intake system, you’ll multiply your truck’s horsepower – ultimately, releasing its full power. And everyone will know about it as you turn heads with its powerful sound.

3. Tonneau cover

When your custom truck looks a certain way, it’s going to get attention – so you’ll need to boost the security measures big time. Getting the right tonneau cover is no small part of that. Choose between roll up, fold up, retract or hatch style depending on which you like most. It’ll add to your truck’s sleek look, and keep whatever’s inside safe.

4. Suspension lift

Ready for the smoothest ride of your life? With a suspension lift, your custom truck has way better clearance, gliding easily over any bumps, curbs or potholes. And hey, the view’s pretty good up there. 

You’ll be able to see what’s going on further down the road from much further away and feel like a boss while doing it. Plus, a lifted truck makes room for…

5. Bigger tyres

You don’t get a custom truck to look the same as the other guys. Oh no. You want to make a statement. And there’s no better way to do it than with larger-than-life wheels. 

Whether you want kick-ass off-road tyres or wheels that’ll get attention as you drive through town, this is a sure way to stand above the crowd.

6. Custom wheels

Will they be chrome-plated? Powder-coated? Or finished with PVD? The wheel surface can be finished in countless ways, each with its own appeal. Which you go for might depend on how they’re maintained and what matches your vehicle body – but if one thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of choice.

7. Roof rack

“I’ve got way too much space for cargo”, says no one. When it comes to maxing out on space, a solid roof rack is essential – whether your custom truck is for work or play. 

There are tons of options available, suited to different cargo and styles. What you use it for is down to you.

8. Custom upholstery

Fresh leather seats level up a truck real quick. There’s no denying our love for that high-end, luxury look. And it’s even better when you get to choose the colours and stitching yourself, creating a unique look of your own. 

As well as looking awesome, leather’s super easy to maintain – so don’t worry about any spillages or dirt damaging your dream truck.

9. Soundsystem

A factory standard system that does the job? You’re not convincing anyone. The difference between what you’ve got, and what you could have will blow you away. 

Improving the sound quality and ramping up the volume makes for some seriously fun drives, whether it’s your daily commute to work or an epic road trip. The best part is, you can tune a custom sound system to your exact preferences.

10. Lights

Picture this – it’s the middle of the night, and the only lights on the road are headlights and the occasional streetlamp. That is, apart from your truck. Lined with an aftermarket LED lightbar, tonight, it’s stealing the show. And you can upgrade your headlights too, so you’re even ramping the essentials up a gear. 

Build an epic custom truck with Dirty Unicorn

All set to create a custom truck as individual as you are? #TeamDU is ready to make it happen. Reach out and tell us all about your favourite modifications, and let’s talk. And if you need further inspiration, you can find it over on our gallery. 

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