A Beginner’s Guide To The Process of Truck Customisation

These are crazy times, and we all need to find what feels good to get by. For #TeamDU, that’s working on our latest mods and heading out on a custom Harley Davidson to burn up some trails. For you, it might be thinking about some hefty upgrades to create a customised pickup truck that combines personal aesthetics and raw power.

It’s worth noting that modding your truck is a whole different ball game to upgrading a car or a motorcycle. So if you’re new to truck customisation, we have a few handy pointers to set you on the road to mod nirvana.

Always plan your mods

Customising your new pickup can seem intimidating, but there are some smart and effective easy mods to get you started. First up, you need to plan out your budget. It can be incredibly easy to go way overboard with your plans, so make out your wishlist and spend wisely. Failing to plan means you’ll not only plan to fail, but you won’t even get good value for your money.

Both interior and exterior mods can make a big difference, so cost up the changes that will have the most significant impact and give you that all-important bang for your buck. 

Do your research via websites and YouTube and try and balance what you crave with what the pros recommend – but if you want a lime green paint job and more lights than Vegas, don’t be afraid to stick  to your guns.

If we were planning our first customised pickup truck, we’d focus on the following five easy mods:


The beauty of upgrading your pickup’s front and rear lighting is that you can be as conservative or as out there as you like. Of course, better lighting is a great safety enhancement for your new truck, especially if you want to get off-road. But it’s also a great way to personalise your pickup and give it some cool character.

Wheels and tyres

Again, this is a great way to boost performance and handling without compromising on safety. We’d definitely swap out your standard tyres for a specialised off-road set and add some lightweight rims for silky smooth precision handling. But there are so many truly excellent options out there you should be able to fine-tune your rims and tyres to achieve precisely the effect you’re looking for.

Lift kit

At #TeamDU, we love a lift kit as a way to make a big statement with your truck. And it doesn’t just give your pickup a sleek hi-rise profile — a lift kit is essential for any harsh environments that risk damaging the undercarriage


Changing the style of your rear bumpers alters your truck’s overall look and feel, which is why it’s another one of our go-to upgrades. This bit of kit can also reduce overall weight as well as offering an aerodynamic upgrade for a power boost. Seriously recommended.

Paint job

OK, so a go-faster stripe won’t really make you go faster. But nothing gives your pickup a more personalised look than a custom paint job. So keep it sleek and monochrome or go all out for high gloss. Check out our gallery for inspiration. 

Performance counts (but stay safe trying)

When you’re customising, enhanced power and performance will definitely be top of your checklist. But don’t overlook the safety aspect when it comes to pimping out your customised pickup truck. After all, however much playtime you’re looking forward to, you don’t want it to be over too soon.

We’re always around to give you professional guidance on getting the balance right between staying safe and amping up the power. Because even the most confident beginner sometimes needs a little pro advice to get it right.

Roadmap your way to success

You can modify your pickup in an infinite number of ways, from performance tweaks and exterior upgrades to beautiful new upholstery and killer audio systems. In fact, there are so many awesome materials and techniques around it’s easy to lose your way through a project.

Roadmapping every step of the customisation process, from buying your vanilla truck to visualising the final result, can help you keep your eye on the prize (and your budget). Evaluate your customisation goals and set them out as clearly as possible. You could even use a spreadsheet  — did we just say spreadsheet?

Find your truck customisation dream team

So you’ve researched, planned and roadmapped. You’ve got your vision, and you need a customisation dream team to make it all come together. Welcome to #TeamDU.

#TeamDU has all the skill and passion to turn even the craziest customisation idea into reality. And if we can’t find the mods you need off the shelf, we’ll fabricate them in the shop for a truly unique customisation. Or, if you’d rather we handled the job from start to finish, check out our DU 150, DU-R and DU Wilderness mods or take a look at our in-stock pickups that are built for work and designed for adventure.

Want to know more? Contact #TeamDU today.

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