How Much Does It Cost To Customise A Bike

When we’re working on a custom Harley Davidson, there are two questions we generally get asked. How long will it take, and how much will it cost? The smart answer is ‘how long’s a piece of string’. But the honest answer is determined by the level of customisation and detail you’re looking for. Time equals money, so the more elaborate and complex your plans, the more patience and skill (and money) it’s going to take.

At #TeamDU, it’s no secret that we live and breathe custom Harley Davidson motorcycles. That’s why we decided to take a deep dive into the customisation process to analyse some of the factors that have an impact on the cost of your custom bike.

Building your custom bike

Customisers love to stick it to the man and create the beast of their dreams. If that sounds familiar, you’ll need to start by setting a budget. Ultimately, how much it costs to build your custom Harley Davidson depends on how deep your pockets are. Getting the biggest bang for your budget means you need to plan, scheme and dream and wait for the planets to align. Or give us a call to discuss your customisation.

Before you get in touch:
1. Do your research.
2. Make sketches.
3. Shop around for parts or get quotes from fabricators for custom designs.
4. If you’re looking for paint job inspo, check out the Dirty Unicorn gallery for some of our amazing custom painted bikes.

And be realistic. Skinny wheels, extended forks, and hand gear-changers might look the part, but they’re not necessarily suitable for your physiognomy or the way you ride. Any customisation needs to factor in safety and comfort as well as performance, so keep your plans realistic.

We’re going to look at critical factors that can impact your budget and the cost of your custom bike, including accessories, specialised skills and your custom paint job.

Custom bike build parts and accessories

The more you look into choosing custom parts and accessories, the more complex – and costly – your project can become. If money’s no object, you can look to replace your shocks, brakes, exhaust, clutch, headlight, seat, brackets and just about any other part of your custom Harley Davidson. Some awesome upgrades are available, but obviously, with improved materials and design comes a heftier price tag.

Accessories are an affordable route to personalising your Harley, and there’s some sweet branded trim available, including fuel caps, bezels and sprocket medallions. And if you can’t find it off the shelf, we can fabricate it for you.

Essential bike-building skills

There’s no such thing as an ugly custom bike because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? You may only have rudimentary sketching skills, but that doesn’t stop you from designing your dream custom bike. Where you start running into higher time and money costs is when you begin implementing your blueprint and taking it from paper to real life.

Customising involves some proper specialised skills that don’t come cheap, especially if you’re looking for bespoke additions that are totally unique. You might have the skills to bolt on some aftermarket parts but creating something unique requires advanced mechanical knowledge and the ability to modify existing parts or even fabricate brand new ones.

At #TeamDU, we know Harley’s inside and out. And we have the combined skills to take even the craziest and most complex build idea from the drawing board to reality. Of course, those skills don’t come cheap. But when the result is a one-off Harley Davidson custom bike you’ll never see anywhere else, the cost is worth it.

Custom paint job

Want to spend lots of money fast? Visit a motorbike paint shop. Those gorgeous painted pieces take time to complete, and an entire custom paint job can take months of loving and painstakingly detailed work to emerge looking awesome.

Because a custom paint job isn’t just about the colour. You also need to factor in the primer and the hardener, the sandpapering between coats for that super smooth finish, and the clear top coat to keep everything protected and looking its best. Want a custom image or a more sophisticated finish? Be prepared to dig even deeper. But for that immaculate, one-of-a-kind result, the cost is worth it.

Hire a custom auto shop

We don’t want to scare the whatever out of you, but customising your bike can be a daunting prospect. And reaching out to #TeamDU can save you money in the long run. We love to get our teeth into complex customisation, and we’re happy to help you make affordable choices when it comes to creating the best custom Harley Davidson for your budget.

Ready for some wish fulfilment? Get in touch with #TeamDU today and start making your customisation dreams a reality.

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