7 Reasons to Buy a Customised Pickup Truck

It’s hard to miss the uber-popularity of pickup trucks. Whether you want to haul big stuff, go adventuring offroad or make the daily commute a better place to be, a pickup truck is a highly desirable vehicle. But why settle for something basic when you can invest in a customised pickup truck that’s as individual as you are?

Here are seven great reasons why a sick custom pickup should be your next vehicle.

It’s built for adventure

Want to go looking for adventure? A custom pickup truck has you covered. A custom lifted suspension can cover a lot of ground, and nothing screams good times like heading off the beaten track knowing you don’t need to worry.

A custom pickup means you can explore the wild side without compromise, confident that the power and ability of your vehicle won’t let you down. If you’ve ever watched one of our customised Ford Wildtrack trucks glide effortlessly over the most demanding terrain, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

You can ride in comfort

If you think of words like ‘tough’ and ‘rugged’ when you think of a pickup, you’re looking at the wrong trucks. On the other hand, if tons of space, stylish accessories and lashings of chrome are what you’re looking for, you need one of our custom pickups. And all those great design features get even lairier when you let #TeamDU loose on your Ford truck’s interior.

No longer is going for a drive a test of endurance. Instead, we let you choose everything from your rear bumpers to the finish on your seats for the ultimate ride. So, amp up the luxury and turn up the volume on the versatility with a customised pickup truck designed just the way you want.

You’ll still be able to tow a lot of stuff

Torque and horsepower go hand in hand, and a custom truck gives you some serious firepower. Want to do stuff like hauling and towing? A custom pickup will give you the capacity to move a lot of weight, including a trailer loaded with your custom Harley Davidson.

And if you think all that fun stuff comes at a cost, think again. Modern pickups are no longer the gas guzzlers of yore. What’s more, with a custom tuneup, you’ll be able to get even better performance with greater efficiency.

You get serious visibility

OK, so this might seem random. After all, you get serious visibility with any truck that lifts you above all the little cars so you can see for miles.

But superior visibility is like a superpower. You get to see what’s happening in traffic way before other drivers so you can take evasive action. And you’ll never miss a turning again because you’re already making a move into the off lane. Best of all, we can tweak your truck cab so that you can make the most of your advantage. Add a custom rearview mirror and more powerful wipers, and you’ll not only see further, but you’ll be safer too. Increase your resale

Customising a truck can be a powerful experience. We’re talking enhanced appearance, improved performance and stamping your own personality on your vehicle. But that can make resale tricky unless you choose the modifications that really add value and make resale easier right off the bat.

Custom wraps, window tints and great seating can all make your truck highly ownable. Of course, we know that adding value isn’t the point of customisation. But it never hurts to think about resale — and the opportunity to own an even bigger and better truck further down the line.

The ride of your lifestyle

We all want to be that guy. The guy that everybody comes to when they have a problem. The one who gets to be the neighbourhood hero by towing away a fallen tree or digging out someone’s driveway.

Your customised pickup truck is more than just a vehicle. It’s a lifestyle choice. In a survey of 1000 women, 32% said they preferred a man to be driving a black Ford pickup. He’s tougher, smarter and more capable. He can handle his responsibilities. He knows how to take care of things. He knows it’s all about the small details, from the colour of the stitch on your seats to the absolute power of a pimped out drivetrain.

Stand out from the crowd

Yes, we left the most obvious for last. But, from its powerful lines and Black Rhino wheels to its dynamic suspension lift, your customised Ford truck is designed to stand out from the crowd and project your personality into the world. Plus, you’ll never spend hours looking for your vehicle among all the other anonymous estate cars and SUVs.

At Dirty Unicorn, we build the coolest customised Ford pickup trucks in the UK. So, start planning your customisation now by downloading our brochure or contact #TeamDU today.

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