5 Simple Mods to Your Truck That Make The Biggest Difference

So you already own a custom Harley Davidson and you just picked up a new truck. And now you want to mod your new toy, right?

But what are the 5 simple mods to your truck that make the biggest difference? The modifications that add style and performance and take your truck from meh to magnificent in just a few moves? At Dirty Unicorn, we know exactly what your truck needs so here’s our pick of those 5 simple mods to your truck that makes the biggest difference.

Amp up your wheels

Want easy mods that amp up truck personalisation fast? Swap out those tired fuel-efficient hoops for some aggressive treads for a quick way to stamp your personality on your rig and take you anywhere you want to go. Wheel options are seemingly infinite and are one of the easiest ways to stamp your own mark on a generic production like a truck.

Interior styling changes

Personalise the interior of your truck, as this is the bit you as the driver get to enjoy. Get a brand new look with our front and rear seats interior trim, finished off with our personal and favourite touch – the official DU logo for that professional feel. We have a range of statement colours that really give that WOW factor.

Exterior styling changes

Choose to modify your rear bumper, whether that be keeping the standard factory look or pimp it up with an aggressive metal off road style! Customise your mirrors. Change them from the standard look to a more American F-Style – available in any accent or body colour. Your truck, your rules!

Light it up with a light bar

If you want to turn day to night then nothing achieves the effect better than a high-quality light bar. Install them above the cab, behind the grille or under the back bumper – anywhere that they’ll look great and provide all the illumination you need. If you’re into offroading then there’s no better mod than lighting up the night.

Lift it up

Last in our list of 5 simple mods to your truck that makes the biggest difference will make you the king of the road. A lift kit will let you add up to 4” in height without spending a fortune or going for a full-blown suspension lift. Just buy the best quality kit you can afford and have it fitted by the experts at Dirty Unicorn.

If you’re looking for the sickest truck and motorcycle customisation around, including the best custom painted bikes and custom Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale then Contact Us and we’ll be happy to get the job done.


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