You just bought yourself a Harley-Davidson. So why mess with perfection? After all, hundreds of hours went into fine-tuning every aspect of the design to optimise performance. But that won’t stop you from tweaking comfort, aesthetics and power. So what are the best mods to create the dirtiest custom Harley-Davidson on the road?

1.Seat mods

Upgrading your seat isn’t just about comfort. It’s the first point of contact with your Harley. So modding your saddle is all about creating the ultimate ride experience.

There are plenty of after-market options to choose from when you upgrade your seat. For example, you might be looking for that pop of colour that sets your Harley apart. Or the luxury of quilted leather for ultimate comfort. 

If you need a more balanced ride, look for a wider seat to distribute your weight. Try a gel saddle for ultimate comfort on a long-distance ride, and always consider the ergonomics. Your Harley seat should put you in the optimum ride position for fun and control.

2. Enhanced lighting 

Safety might not be top of the list when modding your Harley. But hear us out. Better lighting on your bike is always a good thing. And enhancing your lighting for ultimate visibility is one of the best and easiest changes you can make to your custom Harley-Davidson.

Upgrading to LEDs doesn’t just keep you safe on the road. You can improve your aesthetics with LED headlights, signal inserts and control switches that make your Harley sing. Then for extra style points, add an uber-cool fender edge light. 

3. Fairings and windshields

Fairings are standard on performance bikes for a good reason. By creating a more aerodynamic shape, your engine won’t have to work too hard to accelerate faster and reach high speeds quicker. 

Combined with a windshield, you’ll be protected from poor weather and enjoy a more comfortable ride. And if you hit the tarmac, you and your bike’s core elements are better protected. 

Add in that big blank canvas just asking for a custom paint job, and you have the perfect combo of performance, safety and great looks.

4. Handlebar mods

New grips and handlebars are a quick way to upgrade the look of your Harley and get that uber-customised ride experience. Unfortunately, bars that don’t suit your riding style can be highly frustrating. 

You might want to sit more upright or achieve that iconic chopper profile. Whether you’re looking more for comfort or a sporty ride, new handlebars and grips are an affordable mod with a huge impact.

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5. Performance enhancements

It’s tough knowing where to start with performance mods. Fortunately, Harley makes it easy. We recommend browsing Harley-Davidson’s engine enhancement kits for authentic, high-quality parts, including air filters, exhaust systems, improved clutches and more. 

You’ll earn an instant performance boost by recalibrating exhaust and air intake systems. The combination of larger exhaust, air cleaner, and re-jetted carburettors should be enough to scare the neighbourhood kids. 

Stage 2 enhancements include upgrading RPM torque by over 10% to let loose your higher RPM horsepower. And that’s guaranteed to give your custom Harley-Davidson a killer presence on the road.  

6. New suspension

OK, so upgrading your suspension might not seem as sexy as a Screamin’ Eagle exhaust upgrade. But customising your Harley is all about improving the overall ride experience, right? Say you’re struggling with a low suspension that hits every bump in the road. Then you’re not optimising your time on your bike, especially if long-distance touring is your thing.

Again, Harley-Davidson has a massive range of suspension options available. Opt for a height-adjustable set of shocks so you can play with suspension stiffness. So you can drop it to the floor if you’re a smaller rider in search of a low profile or give yourself great clearance depending on your riding style.

7. Custom paint job

At #TeamDU, we love a custom paint job. Custom-painted bikes are our passion, and we can arrange a respray in the custom colour of your choice. 

Bespoke paint is the number one way to express your personality for any Harley enthusiast. It’s one of the simplest ways to make your bike stand out, and you can even celebrate your love of your favourite animal/band/beverage with a gorgeous paint job. 

And if you find a quality motorbike paint shop, you could boost the resale value of your bike with a really superb paint job.

Let #TeamDU create your custom Harley-Davidson

Modding your Harley-Davidson is something we definitely recommend. And at Dirty Unicorn, we have plenty of high-grade mods to choose from so you can create the custom Harley-Davidson of your dreams. 

We can mod up your bike, give it a custom respray, upgrade performance and much more. So contact us today, and #TeamDU will be happy to talk you through your options.

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