Is Owning a Harley Davidson Worth It? 4 Reasons That Prove It Is

When you think of owning a motorbike, what do you picture? The open road stretches to the horizon. The engine roars as you open the throttle and unleash pure power. And the iconic Harley Davidson logo glints reassuringly on the fuel tank. 

Sure, some people don’t see the appeal of owning a two-wheel piece of mayhem. And you may not totally get why it’s such an epic way to ride. But we’re here to convince you that owning a Harley — and better yet, a custom Harley Davidsonis absolutely worth it.

Is a Harley worth the money?

We might be biased, but the chance to own a piece of motorcycling history is well worth the price that Harley puts on their machines. Your Harley is a pop culture pioneer, ridden by all the coolest A-listers. And you’re buying into a long heritage of motorcycle excellence that can’t be equalled.

Or look at it this way: your Harley combines vintage looks and old school ride geometry with cutting edge tech, all wrapped up in superb craftsmanship and unmatchable good looks. That’s a priceless combination that’s utterly irresistible.

Still not convinced? Here are four great reasons that prove investing in a Harley is worth more than just cash.

1. The Harley rumble

Your Harley is about more than the geometry, the plush seats and the unique ride style.

It’s about the noise. 

Harleys are big beasts with big engines. That’s power you can rely on, mile after mile. But you’re buying your Harley Davidson for more than its dependable engine. You’re buying it for that deep-throated rumble that announces your presence on the road.

Back in 1994, Harley applied to trademark the unique sound of its engine. It’s all down to the piston firing sequence — carefully timed so that two pistons are constantly firing with each crankshaft revolution. As a result, it’s utterly distinctive and unlike any other motorcycle, making it a big part of a Harley Davidson’s desirability.

Chances are if you’re considering a Harley, that rumble is a big factor in your calculations.

2. The incredible value

Yes, a Harley is a serious investment. But it’s a serious motorcycle, and one that’s built to last. It’s a finely crafted vehicle that delivers monster performance and incredible sensation in abundance. 

A Harley might not last forever. But it does promise longevity and durability via that revolutionary engine and the sheer build quality. Moreover, due to their popularity, Harley parts are widely available. And because of the classic design, your motorcycle is pretty easy to maintain.

The bottom line is you won’t have to sell your soul to keep your Harley on the streets, and it won’t spend half its life at the garage getting fixed. Add in the consistent resale value, and your Harley is worth every penny.

3. The Harley community

If there’s one thing that unites Harley riders — men, women, military, civilian, old, young — it’s passion. Once you buy your iconic motorcycle, you’re part of a worldwide community unlike any other. Fact is, Harley Davidson owners love their bikes, and they’re happy to connect with other owners and talk everything hog related.

You don’t even have to join a club or go on group rides. There are plenty of opportunities to share your love with other Harley Davidson devotees. Why not explore rallies and motorcycle shows or connect via socials to swap war stories and discuss your most excellent rides.

4. Incredible customisations

One of the best reasons for buying a Harley is that you can make it your own. So when you buy a Harley Davidson, how big a statement do you want to make?

The options for motorcycle customisation are vast. And Harleys are the most customisable bikes out there, from genuine Harley accessories to the kind of bespoke personalisation you get from #TeamDU. As a result, Harleys give their riders more opportunities to create a custom-made experience than any other motorcycle. And not only do Harleys hold their value, but the proper customisation can dramatically affect resale.

A custom Harley Davidson can be whatever you want it to be. You can add comfort with new seats or adjust the ride position with new handlebars. You can modify the suspension to enhance ride quality or add a performance enhancement kit to improve airflow. But not all upgrades are performance or aesthetics related. Safety features like improved visibility are a great way to improve the ride experience.

The question is, how far do you want to go?

Custom Harley Davidsons from #TeamDU

When it comes to buying a motorcycle, there’s only one decision you need to make. Do you want an off-the-peg vanilla motorcycle or a unique modified Harley Davidson that fits your style like a glove?

At Dirty Unicorn, we’re all about keeping it dirty, so check out the quality of our motorcycle customisation on our gallery and then contact us to invest in your custom Harley Davidson.

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