The Best Products For Keeping Your Harley Clean

If you want to keep your Harley showroom fresh, you need to clean up your act. Whether you think motorcycle maintenance is a zen-like act or a tiresome chore, the fact is you need to keep your Harley clean so its components live a long and happy life. Here’s how to wash and care for your motorcycle and our choice of the best products for keeping your Harley clean.

Keep it clean

Sure you can entrust your beloved motorcycle to a commercial car wash. But where’s the fun in that? Your Harley needs to be cleaned with care and precision. Which means using the right products for the best shine and ride experience.

Fortunately, Harley Davidson thinks of everything. From a fleecy wash mitt to caress your motorcycle’s curves to the Hog Blaster motorcycle dryer that ensures every nook and crevice is bone dry before you hit the road, there are genuine Harley products to keep your bike spic and span. And because they’re biodegradable, you’re also being kind to the environment.

The ultimate Harley shine and ride

Want to look as great out on the road as you feel? Start by getting your materials together. These are the best products for keeping your Harley clean when you’re doing a basic bike wash:

– Bike wash: Harley-Davidson’s Sunwash Bike Soap has a unique formula that can be used on any painted surface including denim finish
– Wheel and tyre cleaner
– Engine cleaner
– Wash mitt
– Microfibre cloth
– Hosepipe or buckets of water

Couple of pro tips before you start:

– Never wash your custom, Harley Davidson, when the engine block is hot.
– If you don’t want to soak it, remove it. That includes GPS and tank bags.
– Check your wash mitt and towel are free of any grit or dirt before using and make sure you don’t drop them on the ground when you’re cleaning. Even a tiny speck of grit can scratch your bike.

We’re doing a basic bike wash here but using genuine Harley Davidson products will ensure they’re compatible with your motorcycle.

Start with a degrease

Start by rinsing your bike with fresh, clean water then applying an engine degreaser. Saturate all parts of the engine before rinsing off with more clean water. This helps to get rid of all the baked-on grime your bike accumulates over the miles.

If you want to do more of a showroom detailing job, use a toothbrush to clean those hard to reach areas around the suspension and cylinders. Harley Davidson even makes Q-tip shaped detailing swabs to help you get into every nook and crevice.

Use a bike wash

We recommend Harley Davidson’s Sunwash Bike Soap which can be used in any weather without the risk of hard water spots. Follow the instructions and mix with water in your bucket, then apply using your wash mitt. Try to keep your bike wet all the time, so wash and rinse in sections if you need to.

Pay special attention to the front end of the bike where all the squashed bugs are. Check the headlight and front fender and use the textured Bug Eater sponge for those hard to shift dead guys. When everything’s well soaped up, rinse with a gentle clean water spray. Never be tempted to use a pressure washer as it could cause untold damage.

Dry your Harley

You have a couple of options when it comes to drying your bike. You could invest in the Hog Blaster that leaves a streak-free shine that’s hard to beat. Otherwise, it’s time to get busy with your clean and dry microfibre cloth:

1. Wipe off as much excess water as possible but avoid any greasy areas, your chain and the rubber on your tyres.

2. Now thoroughly rub down your Harley to ensure there are no streaks or water spots.

3. Go for a ride. This helps drive out any remaining water, so take a towel with you to wipe up any streaks. You’ll also help get rid of any soap residue on your brake rotors making for a safer ride.

Buff it up

If you want more of a bike show finish, use wax on your tank and fairings then polish off with a microfibre cloth. A well waxed Harley custom paint job doesn’t just look great, it also helps to repel dirt and bugs.

Chrome polish on all your metalwork gives your bike that extra shine, while leather saddlebags will drink up Harley Davidson’s Leather Protectant.

Never wax the windscreen or use a tyre dressing on your rubber. You might end up with a waxy haze that fogs your vision. And those slick treads could lead to a potentially slippery situation.

Now that you know the best products for keeping your Harley clean you can clean your bike like a pro. And for all your motorcycle customisation needs, you’ll want to contact #TeamDU today.

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